Ludum Dare 35: Shifty’s Shape Escape

Here’s my entry for the Ludum Dare 35 competition, the theme of which was “Shapeshift“.

The game stars a shapeshifting thief named Shifty who has found himself at the top of a very high building after a heist gone wrong. His only means of escape is to base jump through the floors below, contorting his body to fit through inexplicably placed holes which just happen to come in his shape and size. Will he reach the bottom safely? Is there a bottom at all?

Click the game to focus, then press SPACE to start. Choose a control scheme by using the LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys. Check all keys can be pressed at the same time! Press SPACE to continue and watch the tutorial. Press SPACE one final time to enter the game.

Use the four keys chosen to extend Shifty’s limbs. Only by matching the shapes to the holes exactly will he pass through unscathed. You’re allowed to make a two mistakes, then it’s GAME OVER!

Download: Windows | OS X

Please leave a comment below to let me know what you think, and to show off your high score. Have fun!

NOTE: This is the final bugfix version which adds additional control schemes to choose from. This is due to many keyboards not supporting multiple keypresses in certain configurations (see I have also added some non-EN keyboard options. Hopefully this fixes the issues people were having with their keyboards once and for all.

NOTE 2: As you progress the floors speed up. You may be (un)lucky enough to have an older machine which can’t run the game at full speed, so it may appear much slower than intended to start out. Stick with it and it’ll get challenging!

Created with HaxeFlixel and OpenFL over the course of a single day.

Sounds sourced from:

Fonts from Google Fonts.

Kevin PurcellLudum Dare 35: Shifty’s Shape Escape